How much does it cost?

Counter Crew maintenance base packages cover up to 60 square feet of countertop area (average kitchen size) and includes two chip repairs for granite, marble, and quartz surfaces. Call 1-866-253-3540 to speak with a friendly Crew member and receive a free estimate.

How can you give me an estimate over the phone without seeing my countertops?

Basic cleaning, polishing and sealing does not require an on-site estimate. Our Crew member can quote general pricing for square feet of countertop you have based on the countertop material. If you have damage or unusual occurrences happening to your tops, Counter Crew offers free on-site estimates in our service area.

What about sinks?

We repair and polish stainless steel sinks and can polish your Corian sinks! Counter Crew can also remount your falling sink; we secure your sink with the proper brackets and materials. We will help you out when you are in need!

Who will come to my house to do the work?

A Counter Crew member in a Counter Crew van will arrive at your home and work on your countertops, not any sub-contractors in unmarked vehicles.

What surfaces can you fix?

Counter Crew specializes in solid surfaces including marble, granite, stone, quartz, Corian®, and stainless steel sinks.

Is there an odor?

Most countertop topcoats require the use of a solvent, which seals and gives it that special shine. During restoration, our Crew works to properly vent the area to minimize any odors. Any remaining odors usually dissipate by the end of the day.

How long will the seal last?

The impregnating sealer we apply will saturate the voids in the stone. The duration of time it will last depends two factors: the composition of your particular stone and how it is cleaned daily. The more voids there are in the stone, the more porous it is. If you have presence of calcite in your stone (as marble has and abundance), the more susceptible your stone is to etching. Our impregnating sealer retards etching and staining so that you are given adequate time to clean those acidic-etching spills and staining splashes! The other factor is how your tops are cleaned daily. Always use a neutral cleaner without harsh acids or alkaline and choose a cleaner that is geared specifically to clean your type of stone.” Sealer duration is unpredictable, but Counter Crew will be prepared to re-seal your countertops when it is time!

Do you install countertops?

Counter Crew maintains and repairs natural stone, Quartz and Corian countertops. We do not install countertops but we do offer new installation sealing services as well as hole-drill services in your tops for your soap dispensers!

Are you Corian® certified?

Counter Crew is certified to repair and maintain Corian surfaces. We offer various solutions for Corian® repairs such as cracks, chips and seam issues. Counter Crew specializes in cleaning and resurfacing Corian tops offering three different finishes: matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss. We also offer an additional caulking service, finishing it off with a fresh, clean look.

How do I figure out my countertop square footage?

Simply measure the length (in inches), multiply it by the width (also in inches) and divide that number by 144. Be sure to measure each section of your countertop separately, then add all sections together to determine your full square footage. Or use our free calculator on the home page!

Will it change the appearance of my countertops?

Counter Crew will revitalize the shine to your countertops and we can also refresh the look to your honed stone, improving the overall look! With our repair services, the damaged areas are corrected with professional grade materials that closely mimic or reflect the present material, making damaged areas less conspicuous.

Where are you located?

Counter Crew revitalizes chipped, scratched or dull countertops and sinks in the greater Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida metro areas. After you call and schedule your countertop restoration, our Counter Crew van comes to you!

Are your technicians experts?

Our mobile unit of technicians are expertly trained, friendly professionals that are ready to repair any chip, nick or scratch. Also, all of our Crew members have undergone extensive background checks prior to employment so you can select the Crew with confidence. Rest assured that when you see the Counter Crew van arrive, professional technicians, not sub-contractors, are in your home revitalizing your countertops.

Do you sub-contract?

Only a Counter Crew member in a Counter Crew van will arrive and work on your countertops. We don’t hire sub-contractors.