Alabaster Table Top Refinished

Alabaster Table Top Refinished

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  • Stained Alabaster
  • Alabaster Refinishing

Alabaster Table Top Refinished

  • Client Homeowners in Solivita, a gated community near Kissimmee and St. Cloud, FL

The Challenge

Alabaster is a soft, porous natural stone often used for carvings. This slab of alabaster served as a table top in a restaurant for 15 years, and then it was purchased by our clients. They had a custom wood frame built and used it as dining room table. The piece served as a gorgeous focal point in their Central Florida home. Like onyx, limestone, and other types of natural stone, alabaster can be etched, scratched, and become dull from daily use. As you can see the BEFORE images, this table had lost its elegant appearance.

Our Solution

First, we masked and protected the wood frame, as well as the floor surrounding our work area. Then we honed the alabaster to remove the etch marks, scratches, and other damage and polished it to the beautiful sheen you see in the AFTER images. Notice how not only the finish, but the color of the stone itself was rejuvenated with our restoration and refinishing services. Our final step was a generous application of sealer to inhibit staining.

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