Cracked Corian Repaired

Cracked Corian Repaired

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  • Cracked Corian Repaired
  • Cracked Corian Countertop Repaired
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Cracked Corian Repaired

Corian Countertop Damage

This Corian solid surface countertop had a large crack. As you can see in the BEFORE images, the diagonal crack went completely from the front of the countertop to the back, and the wood substrate was showing. Our client, a Marietta, GA business owner, hoped we could help him to avoid the cost of replacement.

Our Precision Repair Process

First, we applied a powerful adhesive specially designed for solid surface repair along the jagged edges of the crack. Once we were sure both pieces were smooth and level, we used seam setters to squeeze and hold the pieces together. After allowing ample time for the bond to set, we blended the repaired area into the surrounding area using tinted epoxy. Once it dried, we sanded the excess epoxy blend and cleaned the surface.

The AFTER images demonstrate how perfect this countertop looked once we completed the repairs. You literally can’t tell it was once damaged. To learn more, visit our Engineered Stone Services page.

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