Cracked Marble Table Repaired

Cracked Marble Table Repaired

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  • Cracked Marble Repaired
  • Cracked Marble Repair

Cracked Marble Table Repaired

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Our Cumming, GA clients were worried they would have to replace their marble table top, because it had severe damage as you can see in the BEFORE images. They decided to give us a call for a FREE estimate and to see whether the marble was salvageable. We told them that the table top was not merely salvageable but that we could repair it to a like-new condition. After comparing the cost of a new table top with the cost of repair and viewing images of similar jobs we’ve done to see the kind of results they could expect, they scheduled services.


The first step in repairing this table top was to reassemble the stone, carefully aligning and leveling each piece to prevent any dips or waves in the finish. We filled in missing sections with several batches of epoxy tinted to match the color variation in the original stone.

After giving the table top plenty of time to dry, it was time to give the marble a uniform, reflective finish. We power-honed and polished it using a series of diamond pads with progressively finer grits. Our final step was an application of sealer to inhibit staining.

Our clients were absolutely stunned at the precision of our repairs and the amazing end result. They were grateful that we were able to help them avoid paying thousands of dollars more for a replacement table top.

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