Etched Marble Vanity Polished

Etched Marble Vanity Polished

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Etched Marble Vanity Polished

  • Client Homeowners in Orlando, FL


Orlando homeowners rented their property, and when the tenants moved out, the homeowners moved back in. They were shocked to see how the marble vanity in the master bath had become etched due to improper care, cosmetics, and hard water deposits. They called us hoping we could restore it back to the same elegant condition as when it was first installed.


First we masked and protected the surrounding area, as we do with every job, and then we honed the vanity top to remove a thin upper layer of the stone where the damage was. Honing the marble erased the hard water deposits and gave us a “clean slate” to work with for polishing. We used a series of progressively finer grit diamond pads to bring back the luster and shine of the marble. We finished with an application of sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were thrilled that we were able to save them the cost of replacing the stone. To learn more, visit our Marble Service page.

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