Gaping Granite Crack Repaired

Gaping Granite Crack Repaired

  • Granite Crack Repair Before
  • Granite Crack Repair After

Gaping Granite Crack Repaired

  • Client Homeowner in Windermere, FL

Problem: Crack Along Front Sink Rail

Our Windermere, FL clients were worried they would have to replace their granite countertop, because there was a cavernous crack. They decided to give us a call for a FREE estimate, hoping that the countertop would be salvageable.

The damage was caused by water, Eric Vogel, Counter Crew’s Director of Operations explained. “Water penetrated the unsealed granite, causing the metal support bar to rust, and eventually resulted in damage to the granite.”

We were happy to inform our clients that the countertop could be repaired.

Solution: Precision Repair

The first step in repairing this countertop was to remove pieces of the granite and set them aside for reassembly, as you can see in the BEFORE image. We removed the rusted sink rail and then reassembled the stone, carefully aligning and leveling each piece to ensure a completely smooth finish. We filled in missing sections with epoxy tinted to match the surrounding stone. After giving the countertop plenty of time to dry, we honed and polished the granite to restore its finish, and then applied a coat of sealer.

Our clients were thankful they were able to avoid paying thousands of dollars for a replacement countertop.

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