Marble Vanity Shine Restored

Marble Vanity Shine Restored

  • Marble Vanity Before
  • Marble Vanity After

Marble Vanity Shine Restored

  • Client Homeowners in Jasper, GA


Jasper (Big Canoe), Georgia homeowners had a 15-year-old marble vanity top that was really starting to show its age. The luxurious shine had become diminished with cosmetic products and cleaners that were not safe for natural stone.


We honed away the damage and polished the countertop to restore its reflective finish. We finished with an application of sealer to inhibit staining.

About Our Gloss Meter

To demonstrate the difference our services made, we used a gloss meter before and after working on this vanity top. This technology works by projecting a beam of light onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light. Notice how the meter shows 26 before and 92 after.
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