Travertine Nail Polish Stain Removed

Travertine Nail Polish Stain Removed

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Travertine Nail Polish Stain Removed

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A Windermere home owner accidentally spilled deep red nail polish on the travertine floor in her bathroom. Rather than risk damaging the stone with cleaning products, she used paper towels to blot up the excess and called us right away. This was definitely the right way to handle the situation, as we have had other jobs where complete restoration became necessary, not due to the original problem, but due to customers’ attempts to correct problems themselves that resulted in even greater problems.


We always provide free consultations and estimates upon request. In this case, the solution was very easy. We used acetone (the same chemical used in acetone nail polish remover) to clean the nail polish from the travertine and grout lines and then followed with a quick spray and wipe using a stone-safe cleaning solution. As you can see, not a trace of the polish remained. We charged a minimal fee for the service call, as our goal is not to make a quick buck but to establish long-term professional relationships with our customers. She said she would keep our info handy and call us to schedule travertine cleaning services for her entire floor in the near future.

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