Unsightly Granite Seam Repaired

Unsightly Granite Seam Repaired

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  • Granite Seam After
  • Seam Repair Before and After

Unsightly Granite Seam Repaired

  • Client Oviedo Home Builder


Oviedo, Florida home builders installed this new black granite countertop, but one section of the countertop was ever so slightly higher than the other section. They attempted to do seam repair, but were unable to achieve the seamless look they wanted, and they were worried that perhaps they had damaged the finish beyond repair. They called us hoping we could minimize the appearance of the seam and undo the damage.


First we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area, as we do with every job. Then we ground both sections of granite to remove just enough of the stone to create a perfectly level surface. Honing and polishing the granite erased the evidence of our grinding process and restored the finish to match with the rest of the countertops. We also applied sealer to inhibit staining. By the time we were finished, no one but the builder could discern that any work had been done on these brand new countertops.

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